Saturday, 13 November 2010

Piece of Cake♥

Ohh what an wonderful day. And full of action and SUGAR!

After my 'oh so boring' schoolday, I wen't to buy some supplies for a cake I had planned for my sisters B-Day.
Here's what I created (It's like two huge pieces of cake, one for my sis, and the other one for her husband)
Yummyy! In this cake there are fresh strawberries, banana, chocolate strawberries, raspberry cream.... etc. ♥

I personally HATE cakes, but I love to bake them.


Yest. I went to a theater with my french class. And the play was just dreadful... Me and my friend Tiina, we were literally suffering the whole damn 2 h 45 minutes! It was just.. a nightmare, tbh.

Well atleast something good happened on yesterday too: I had a little time to take a pic from my outfit of the day: yet the quality

Dress: Saints&Mortals (Shopped from Carlings) Shoes: Vagabond Necklace: ASOS Shiny leggings: GinaTricot Belt: H&M

..."Blondie" indeed!♥
And my themesong for today is also made by another blondie (we surely rule the World !)

Any other news? Not really.... Just waiting for x-mas. The christmas countdown will start soon!♥ But before that, check out the sickest advent calendar in the UNIVERSE, made by porsche, sold by Harrod's! if I'd only have ... 1 million dollar$..?

Well, lets dream on, shall we!♥

XOXO, Tara

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