Saturday, 13 November 2010

Some hot Secrets..

... U'll see on the catwalk in the annual show of Victoria's Secret! LOVE LOVE LOVE!♥

If u don't believe me, then see for urself:

Haha, can u believe it, mum just bought us all new furniture for our livingroom. So next weekend I'll be painting walls! ... and celebrating my sister's birthday at her White Party... and On Tuesday, LANVIN ♥ H&M will hit the stores. AND on the following sathurday some Finnish designers will be selling their x-mas gifts at the annual Helsinki10's christmas-sale♥ (Helsinki10 is a Finnish store (located in helsinki ..SURPRISE SURPRISE) Selling the best brands and Vintage wear, along with jewellery and accesories!)
arrgghhh.. Have u thought about changing ur FB password? well DON'T. It sucks. U'll always write the wrong one first. And this Black'n'White photo is my newest profile pic. because what ever they say, I ♥ FB

Btw. Did u know that Diana Vickers was born in 1991? Omg, her sense of style (or her stylist..) is awesome!♥

Well, I'm gonna grab my caramel tea (a new taste experience..) and start sewing this dress i'm working on. It's pretty much chaotic..


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