Friday, 3 December 2010



Now I'm officially allowed to talk about Christmas! And believe me, it'll be the only thing I'll be talking about.
...except for now, 'cause I'm going to talk about.. MYSELF. 'awesome', I hear?  well, dw, I'll make it quick! - I have had the most horrible week in school for a long time: 7 exams in a row + the deadlines for getting the projects done in arts class AND in handicrafts. ehh.. tomorrow I'll have the last one of my exams. MATH. I can already see myself in the resits! May the force (caffeeinetabs) be with me.
Let's move on to some happier news! It's the beginning of December! there's only 21 days 'till christmas! luckily I've done some x-mas shopping already. (and listen to the master: DO NOT STRESS ABOUT THE HOLIDAYS. otherwise u'll just ruin them for urself. and possibly for others too!) 

I decided to tell u something that's a huge thing for me. My fav designer: Elie Saab! He is a genius, and he hasn't designed anything that I wouldn't wear. He's clothes are a summary of my style. And dear Elie, if u're reading this, PLEASE BE MY MENTOR!

He makes gowns from my favourite fabrics with my favourite colours, such as white and ivory and other broked colours. He's my personal god of the fashionworld! 

photo from
.... I mean, I could KILL FOR THAT DRESS. but dw, I don't know who I'd have to kill, so u're probably safe!

what else? well I've been shopping my butt off lately!  I'll post the pics later, since I can't get them to this computer.. but this much I can tell: I bought the dress from H&M, that I wanted to wear at the prom afterparty!

(Here's Julian Casablancas's - Christmas Treat to bring u some holiday spirit!!) 

I'll be posting again very soon!

Happy Holidays to be! Love, Tara.

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