Thursday, 4 November 2010

A thing or two about Tara..

It's me again, Tara. Haven't been able to write here, but now I'm telling myself to get a grip, girl!

First of all I want to start this looooong entry by telling u something about me, 'cause well, it's good to know, who's blog u're reading, right? ;) SO, here we go:

well obviously I'm a girl, and my first name is actually a finnish name, Taru (which btw means a story, myth or a legend in finnish), but already as a kid I got the nickname Tara. If I remember correctly, I got it after traveling abroad with my family. And what comes to my family, it's quite normal (who am I kidding?) with devorced parents, and 3 siblings. My oldest sis is married, and I am an aunt for my nephew, 3 months. And from siblings, I'm the youngest of four! I'm 17, and still in highschool. Atm I live in Helsinki with my mom, but after graduating from my school my plan would be to pack my belongings and head to London to study Fashion design and marketing.
The reason why I started to write a blog was 'cause everyone is always commenting and talking about my style and they seem to love it ! and the last thing that made me do this was when last year my Finnish teacher came to ask me if I was a fashionblogger. I was a bit confused, and sayd: "well, noo...?" and she was like: "Oh, well that's a shame! See, we were talking about this in the teacher's boardmeeting and we were wondering that u must have a blog!" - Kinda dropped me off my chair... haha, well I guess, here I am then!

Here in Finland the fashionbusiness and the circles are not that GRANDE, but there's a few events here and there and the finnish design is growing as we speak. If u're not finnish, u still might have heard about Paola Suhonen or Tiia Wanhatapio? Well, maybe one day my name will be known too, but right now I need to focuse on my studies, and well, doing the best I can with this blog (:

For the finnish readers (mom?) I have to say, that I write in English mainly 'cause I need to exercise it regularly, but also 'cause I have tons of friends abroad, and well, I'm heading to Tuscany, Italy, for four months as an exchange student in February, so I think it's fair to everyone to use the language most people in this world understands, right? ;) (and to my anti-Anglican frenchprofessor: "Too bad, so sad!"

I guess this is all I can say right now, but as we get this blog working ( that means getting me off my lazy ass..) I'm sure u'll get to know me so much better!

XOXO & Au revoir, Loved ones

My Lovely Sister Laura and Me

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